Business / Machine Shop / Dressing: The act of removing the glaze and dulled abrasives from the face of a grinding wheel to make it clean and sharp. See truing.


Technology / Computers / Addressing: A method of identifying a resource (such as a program) or piece of information (such as a file) on a network. Methods of addressing vary considerably from network-to-network. MORE

Dressing Up A Portfolio

Business / Finance / Dressing Up A Portfolio: A tax or duty rebate on imported goods that are exported at a later date. MORE

Cross Dressing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Cross Dressing : To occasionally wear clothes traditionally associated with people of the other sex . Cross-dressers are usually comfortable with the sex they were assigned at birth and do not wish to change it. MORE

Logical Block Addressing (LBA)

Technology / Computers / Logical Block Addressing (LBA): In a system using an enhanced BIOS and Operating System that supports the use of LBA, it would then be possible for the computer to use a larger hard drive. LBA allows for use of a unique sector numbe MORE

Window Dressing

Business / Finance / Window Dressing: A guaranteed investment contract purchased with deposits over some future designated time period (the 'window'), usually between 3 and 12 months. All deposits made are guaranteed the same credit ratin MORE

Zero Balancing

Health / Massage / Zero Balancing: Zero Balancing was developed by Fritz Smith, MD, and has its roots in osteopathy, acupuncture, Rolfing, and meditation. Relaxing, yet energizing, Zero Balancing integrates fundamental principles of We MORE