Business / Machine Shop / Drift: A tapered, flat steel used to remove drills and other tapered shank tools from spindles, sockets, or sleeves. Also a round, tapered punch used to align or enlarge holes.

Other Words for Drift

Drift Adjective Synonyms: coast, float, waft
Drift Verb Synonyms: wander, roam, meander, stray, rove, ramble, mosey
Drift Noun Synonyms: intention, meaning, purport, purpose, aim, object, tenor, tone, spirit, color, essence, gist, significance, import

Wind Drift

Science / Tides and Currents / Wind Drift: An ocean current in which only the Coriolis and frictional forces are significant. The wind drift embodies an Ekman spiral. MORE

Continental Drift

Science / Marine Biology / Continental Drift: Horizontal movement of continents located in plates moving via sea-floor spreading MORE

Antigen Drift

Health / Disease / Antigen Drift: The random accumulation of mutations in viral genes recognized by the immune system. Such accumulation may significantly change the antigens of the virus, and may help it evade the immune system. MORE

Drift (Glacial)

Science / Geology / Drift (Glacial): A collective term for all the rock, sand, and clay that is transported and deposited by a glacier either as till or as outwash. MORE

Drifting Snow

Science / Weather / Drifting Snow: Snow particles blown from the ground by the wind to a height of less than six feet. MORE

Longshore Drift

Science / Geology / Longshore Drift: The movement of sediment along a coastline caused by waves striking the coast at an oblique angle. The waves wash sediment particles up the beach at an oblique angle and the swash back to the sea carr MORE