Drill Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Chuck: A device used to grip drills and attach them to a rotating spindle.

Other Words for Drill

Drill Verb Synonyms: rehearse, train, practise, exercise, teach, instruct, school, tutor, coach, indoctrinate, discipline
Drill Noun Synonyms: bore, penetrate, pierce, cut a hole

Independent Chuck

Business / Machine Shop / Independent Chuck: A chuck in which each jaw may be moved independently of the others. MORE

Leverage Drilling

Entertainment / Bowling / Leverage Drilling: A method of drilling the ball so that it tends to skid farther and finish harder (go long .. hit hard). A balance hole is needed to bring the ball back into compliance with ABC rules in such a drillin MORE

Exploratory Drilling

Science / Geology / Exploratory Drilling: Drilling done to locate mineral deposits in an area where little subsurface data about those minerals is available. Exploratory wells may not have the ability to produce the minerals if they are disco MORE

Drilling Arrangement

Science / Geology / Drilling Arrangement: A contractual agreement under which a mineral rights owner or lessee assigns a fractional interest in a property to another party. This assignment might be done for financial support of exploration an MORE

Drill Socket

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Socket: An adapter similar to a sleeve except that it is made to adapt a larger taperedshank tool to a smaller size spindle. MORE

Lip Of A Drill

Business / Machine Shop / Lip Of A Drill: The sharp cutting edge on the end of a twist drill. MORE