Business / Machine Shop / Element: Matter which cannot be broken up into simpler substances by chemical action, that is, whose molecules are all composed of only one kind of atom.

Other Words for Element

Element Noun Synonyms: environment, atmosphere, situation, locale, territory, sphere, habitat, medium, domain
Element Adjective Synonyms: component, constituent, ingredient, essential, fundamental, part, unit, piece, segment, feature, factor, detail, particular

Parent Element

Science / Geology / Parent Element: A radioactive element that spontaneously decays into a new substance. The product of this decay is known as a 'daughter' element. MORE

Transuranium Element

Science / Chemistry / Transuranium Element: An element with an atomic number higher than 92 (uranium's atomic number). Transuranium elements are unstable and occur in extremely low concentrations (if at all) in nature. Most are made artificiall MORE

Main Group Elements

Science / Chemistry / Main Group Elements: Elements of the s and p blocks. MORE

Element Symbol

Science / Chemistry / Element Symbol: An international abbreviation for element names, usually consisting of the first one or two distinctive letters in element name. Some symbols are abbreviations for ancient names. MORE

Rare Earth Element

Science / Chemistry / Rare Earth Element: A metallic element that belongs to Group 3B or to the lanthanide series. MORE

Floating Elements

Entertainment / Photography / Floating Elements: One or more elements in a lens which adjust position relative to other components during focusing or zooming. Used to maintain correction of lens aberrations at all settings. MORE