Fatigue Failure

Business / Machine Shop / Fatigue Failure: The sudden and complete breakage of a part as a result of the repeated application of a load. Fatigue failure is progressive and may not occur until after millions of load cycles.

Other Words for Failure

Failure Noun Synonyms: failing, default, non-performance, remissness, neglect, omission, dereliction, deficiency
Failure Preposition Synonyms: breakdown, collapse, discontinuance, miscarriage, loss, decline, decay, deterioration

Other Words for Fatigue

Fatigue Adjective Synonyms: weariness, tiredness, weakness, exhaustion, lassitude, listlessness, lethargy, languor, sluggishness, enervation
Fatigue Verb Synonyms: weary, tire, weaken, exhaust, drain, enervate, fag (out)

Muscular Failure

Health / Fitness / Muscular Failure: In a strength training program, the point at which your last repetition with weights is so difficult that you cannot perform another repetition. MORE

Reciprocity Failure

Entertainment / Photography / Reciprocity Failure: In photographic emulsions occurs when exposure times fall outside a films normal range. At these times an increase in exposure is required in addition to the assessed amount. This can be achieved eith MORE

Training To Failure

Health / Fitness / Training To Failure: Continuing a set until it is impossible to complete another rep without assistance. MORE

List Fatigue

Technology / Email / List Fatigue: A condition producing diminishing returns from a mailing list whose members are sent too many offers, or too many of the same offers, in too short a period of time. MORE

Fatigue Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Fatigue Strength: Ability of a material to withstand repeated loading. MORE

Congestive Heart Failure

Health / Fitness / Congestive Heart Failure: The inability of the heart muscle to pump the blood at a life sustaining rate. MORE