Business / Machine Shop / Feed: The rate of travel of a cutting tool across or into the work, expressed in inches per minute, in inches per revolution, mm per minute or mm per revolution.

Other Words for Feed

Feed Verb Synonyms: fodder, forage, pasturage, silage, food, provender
Feed Adjective Synonyms: provision, cater or provide (for), victual, purvey, provender, supply, maintain, nurture, nourish, board, support, sustain, wine and dine

Breastfeeding Promotion

Business / Agriculture / Breastfeeding Promotion: Relates to activities required to be carried out by state and local agencies using federal funds provided for nutrition education and administrative services under the WIC program. States are required MORE

Filter Feeders

Science / Biology / Filter Feeders: Organisms such as sponges that feed by removing food from water that filters through their body. MORE

Milk-Feed Price Ratio

Business / Agriculture / Milk-Feed Price Ratio: A measure of the value of 16% protein ration (feed) to one pound of whole milk. As with the hog-corn ratio, this relationship is an indicator of the profitability of milk production. MORE

Positive Feedback Control

Science / Biology / Positive Feedback Control: Occurs when information produced by the feedback increases and accelerates the response. MORE

Down Feed

Business / Machine Shop / Down Feed: A seldom used method of feeding work into milling cutters. The work is fed in the same direction as the portion of the cutter which comes in contact with it. MORE

Cross Feed

Business / Machine Shop / Cross Feed: The feed that operates across the axis of the workpiece or at right angles to the main or principal feed on a machine. MORE