Filler Material

Business / Machine Shop / Filler Material: The material, metal, or alloy to be added in making a welded, brazed, or soldered joint.

Other Words for Material

Material Noun Synonyms: constituents, elements, components
Material Verb Synonyms: substance, matter, stuff, fabric

Sensitive Material

Entertainment / Photography / Sensitive Material: In photography, refers to materials that react to the actinic power of light. MORE

Reversal Materials

Entertainment / Photography / Reversal Materials: Materials specifically designed to be processed to a positive after one camera exposure. MORE

Raw Materials

Business / Accounting / Raw Materials: This refers to the materials bought by a manufacturing business in order to manufacture its products. MORE

Raw Material Supply Agreement

Business / Finance / Raw Material Supply Agreement: As used in connection with project financing, an agreement to furnish a specified amount per period of a specified raw material. MORE

Silver Dye Bleach Material

Entertainment / Photography / Silver Dye Bleach Material: Integral tripack printing material. MORE

Summary Material Modifications

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Summary Material Modifications: A summary of modifications or changes made to an employee benefit plan that is not included in the summary plan description. MORE