Business / Machine Shop / Fusion: The joining of base material, with or without filler material, by melting them together.

Nuclear Fusion

Science / Chemistry / Nuclear Fusion: Combination of two smaller nuclei to form a larger nucleus. The larger nucleus has higher binding energy per nucleon than the original nuclei, and fusion results in the release of energy. MORE

Diffusion Rate

Science / Chemistry / Diffusion Rate: The number of randomly moving molecules that pass through a unit area per second. Diffusion rates are fastest when a large concentration difference exists on either side of the unit area. Diffusion ra MORE


Science / Biology / Diffusion: The spontaneous movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. MORE

Coldfusion Hosting

Business / Internet Marketing / Coldfusion Hosting: Web hosting that supports coldfusion, a web application language introduced by Allaire and currently owned by Macromedia. MORE

Acceptable Circle Of Confusion

Entertainment / Photography / Acceptable Circle Of Confusion: The size of the largest circle which the eye cannot distinguish from a dot. In 35mm format cameras, a 0.03mm diameter circle of confusion is considered acceptable. It is used to calculate depth-of-fie MORE

Diffusion Condenser Enlarger

Entertainment / Photography / Diffusion Condenser Enlarger: Enlarger that combines diffuse light with a condenser system, producing more contrast and sharper detail than a diffusion enlarger but less contrast than a condenser enlarger. MORE