Business / Machine Shop / Gib: A tapered strip of metal placed between the bearing surface of two machine parts to ensure a precision fit and provide an adjustment for wear.

Gibbous Moon

Science / Astrology / Gibbous Moon: The Moon approaching the full Moon, more than 135° and less than 180° ahead of the Sun. A natal gibbous Moon indicates that self-analysis is an important factor in motivation. MORE


Entertainment / Football / Center-Eligible: A trick play (made famous by the film M*A*S*H[citation needed]) wherein at the snap, the entire offensive line is to one side of the center so that he is on the end and therefore is an eligible receiv MORE

Eligible Receivers

Entertainment / Football / Eligible Receivers: Players who may legally touch a forward pass. On the passer's team, these are: the ends (see below), the backs, and (except in the NFL) one player in position to take a hand-to-hand snap, i.e. A T qua MORE

Ineligible Receiver

Entertainment / Football / Ineligible Receiver: Certain players on the offense are not allowed to catch passes. For example, in most situations offensive linemen cannot be receivers and they may cause their team to be penalized if they catch the ba MORE

Tangible Equity

Business / Finance / Tangible Equity: An asset that represents a physical object such as land, furniture, and buildings. Under accounting rules, a tangible asset must have a useful life greater than one year, and must be used in business MORE

Intangible Asset

Business / Finance / Intangible Asset: Defined benefit pension plans that are guaranteed by life insurance products. Related: Non-insured plans MORE