Business / Machine Shop / Hardening: A heat-treating process for steel which increases its hardness and tensile strength and reduces its ductility.

Case Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Case Hardening: A heat treating process, basically carbonizing that makes the surface layer or case of steel substantially harder than the interior or core. MORE

Pack Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Pack Hardening: A heat-treating process in which the workpiece is packed into a metal box together with charcoal, charred leather or other carbonaceous material to case-harden the part. MORE

Oil Hardening

Business / Machine Shop / Oil Hardening: The process of quenching in oil when heat treating alloy steel to bring out certain qualities. MORE

Work Hardening

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Work Hardening: A program, typically lasting four to six weeks, that provides workers who were injured on the job and who have undergone physical or occupational therapy the strength to be able to resume normal work MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Alum: Chemical used in acid hardening fixing baths. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Kanzler: Winegrape derived from a Müller-Thurgau x Silvaner cross that was released in 1927. Has synonym name Alzey S.3983. Possessed of moderate vigor, crop potential, despite wood hardening deficiencies. Cl MORE