Business / Machine Shop / Helix: A path formed as a point advances uniformly around a cylinder, as the thread on a screw or the flutes on a drill.

Helix Angle

Business / Machine Shop / Helix Angle: The angle between the direction of the threads around a screw and a line running at a right angle to the shank. MORE

Double Helix

Science / Genetics / Double Helix: The twisted-ladder shape that two linear strands of dna assume when complementary nucleotides on opposing strands bond together. MORE

Helical Gear

Business / Machine Shop / Helical Gear: A gear with teeth cut at some angle other than at a right angle across the face of the gear, thus permitting more than one tooth to be engaged at all times and providing a smoother and quieter operati MORE


Life Style / Wine / Corkscrew: A tool, comprising a pointed metallic helix attached to a handle, for drawing Corks from bottles. MORE

Barr Body

Science / Biology / Barr Body: Inactivated X-chromosome in mammalian females. Although inactivated, the Barr body is replicated prior to cell division and thus is passed on to all descendant cells of the embryonic cell that had one MORE

Base Pair (BP)

Science / Genetics / Base Pair (BP): Two nitrogenous bases (adenine and thymine or guanine and cytosine) held together by weak bonds. Two strands of dna are held together in the shape of a double helix by the bonds between base pairs. MORE