High-Speed Steel (HSS)

Business / Machine Shop / High-Speed Steel (HSS): An alloy steel commonly used for cutting tools because of its ability to remove metal at a much faster rate than carbon steel tools.

Other Words for Steel

Steel Adjective Synonyms: sword, dagger, blade, knife, dirk, stiletto

Stainless Steel Crown

Health / Dentistry / Stainless Steel Crown: A pre-made metal crown, shaped like a tooth, that is used to temporarily cover a seriously decayed or broken down tooth. Used most often on children's teeth. MORE

Pressed Steel

Technology / Motorcycle / Pressed Steel: Sheet steel made into curved sections by press forming. It is often used in the construction of motorcycle frames. MORE

Mild Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Mild Steel: Refer to carbon steel. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Steel: An alloy of iron and carbon. Steel contains anywhere between 0.2% carbon (for soft wire and sheet steel) and 1.5% carbon (for cutting tools), with small amounts of many other elements often present. MORE

Steel Inspection

Business / Construction / Steel Inspection: A municipal and/or engineers inspection of the concrete foundation wall, conducted before concrete is poured into the foundation panels. Done to insure that the rebar (reinforcing bar), rebar nets, vo MORE

Tool Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Tool Steel: A general classification for high-carbon steel that can be heat treated to a hardness required for metal cutting tools such as punches, dies, drills, taps, reamers and so forth. MORE