Business / Machine Shop / Hog: To remove in excess of what is considered normal, sometimes causing accidents or tool breakage: also, to rough out haphazardly.

Food Borne Pathogens

Business / Agriculture / Food Borne Pathogens: Disease-causing microorganisms found in food, usually bacteria, fungi, parasites, protozoans, and viruses. The top ten pathogens are: Salmonella: Staphylococcus Aureus: Campylobacter jejuni: Yersinia MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Mythography: The commentary, writings, and interpretations added to myths. Medieval writers, such as the four anonymous scribes collectively called the 'Vatican Mythographers,' would take Greek and Roman myths and MORE

Groundhog Day

Life Style / Holiday / Groundhog Day: Groundhogs are suppose to come out of hibernation on February 2 to see how the weather is doing. If the sun is shining and they see a shadow they are said to be frightened and go back inside. Those wh MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Photolithography: Lithographic printing process using an image formed by photographic means. MORE

Hog-Corn Ratio (Corn-Hog Ratio)

Business / Agriculture / Hog-Corn Ratio (Corn-Hog Ratio): Number of bushels of corn equal in value to 100 pounds of live hogs (feed ratio). Put another way, the price of hogs, per hundredweight, divided by the price of corn per bushel. Since corn is a major MORE

Pathogen; Pathogenic

Business / Agriculture / Pathogen; Pathogenic: Pathogens are infectious or toxin forming microorganisms causing disease. A food borne pathogen is a microorganism that causes illness through the ingestion of food. MORE