Hole Saw

Business / Machine Shop / Hole Saw: A cutting tool used to cut a circular groove into solid material.

Other Words for Hole

Hole Noun Synonyms: cavity, pit, hollow, excavation, burrow, crater, cavern, cave, recess, niche, nook, pocket, depression, indentation, dent, impression

Other Words for Saw

Saw Adjective Synonyms: proverb, maxim, (old) saying, aphorism, apophthegm or apothegm, axiom, adage, epigram, gnome, slogan, motto, catchword, catch-phrase, byword, dictum, platitude, truism, clich‚, commonplace

Stroke Hole

Entertainment / Golf / Stroke Hole: A hole on which a player's handicap strokes fall in net scoring match play situations (e.g., a 1 handicapper only gets a stroke on the number 1 handicap hole, whereas an 18 handicapper gets a stroke o MORE

Sprocket Holes

Entertainment / Photography / Sprocket Holes: Perforations on both edges of 35mm film, which engage with the teeth of the film transport mechanism. MORE

Slitting Saw

Business / Machine Shop / Slitting Saw: A narrow milling cutter designed for cutoff operations or for cutting narrow slots. MORE

Third Cholera Pandemic

Health / Disease / Third Cholera Pandemic: (1852-1860) Included outbreaks in London. The Broad Street outbreak investigated by John Snow was particularly deadly. MORE

Tour Wholesaler

Life Style / Travel / Tour Wholesaler: A company that usually creates and certainly markets inclusive tours and independent tours for sale through travel agents. Often used interchangeably with tour operator, but several distinctions might MORE

Vent Hole

Entertainment / Bowling / Vent Hole: An extra hole drilled to relieve suction in the thumb hole; not a gripping hole. MORE