Business / Machine Shop / Jig: A device that holds the workpiece in place and guides the cutting tool during the cutting operation.

Drill Jig

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Jig: A jig which holds parts or units of a structure and by means of bushings, guides the drill so that the holes are properly located. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Jigger: Archaic term for a wedge/pitching wedge MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Fixture: A production work-holding device used for machining duplicate workpieces. Although the term is used interchangeably with a jig, a fixture is not designed to guide the cutting tools as the jig does. Al MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Bushing: A sleeve or a lining for a bearing or a drill jig to guard against wear. MORE

Drill Bushing

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Bushing: A hardened steel guide inserted in jigs, fixtures or templates for the purpose of providing a guide for the drill in drilling holes in their proper or exact location. MORE