Business / Machine Shop / Lap: A tool made of soft metal and charged with fine abrasives for precision finishing of metal surfaces. Also, to perform the operation using a lap.

Other Words for Lap

Lap Noun Synonyms: overlap, fold, enfold, envelop, wrap
Lap Verb Synonyms: circuit, orbit, ambit, circle, tour, trip, revolution
Lap Adjective Synonyms: wash, splash, ripple, plash, purl

Tank Slapper

Technology / Motorcycle / Tank Slapper: A rapid, high intensity oscillation of the handlebars (literally, slapping the tank side to side). It is a condition of dynamic instability, such as hard acceleration out of a bumpy corner. Classic ca MORE

Lapse Rate

Science / Weather / Lapse Rate: The change of an atmospheric variable, usually temperature, with height. A steep lapse rate implies a rapid decrease in temperature with height and is a sign of instability. MORE

Niche Overlap

Science / Biology / Niche Overlap: The extent to which two species require similar resources; specifies the strength of the competition between the two species. MORE

Laptop Computer

Technology / Computers / Laptop Computer: A computer system that is smaller than a briefcase but larger than a notebook. Typically has a clamshell design where the keyboard and display are on separate halves of the system. Named for its use a MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Malapropism: Misusing words to create a comic effect or characterize the speaker as being too confused, ignorant, or flustered to use correct diction. Typically, the malapropism involves the confusion of two polys MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Lapper: In motorcycle racing, a slow rider who is being lapped by the leaders. MORE