Business / Machine Shop / Layout: To locate and scribe on blank stock the shape and size dimensions required to machine or form the part.

Open Frame

Entertainment / Bowling / Open Frame: A frame in which the bowler doesn't get a strike or a spare. MORE

Diamond Frame

Technology / Motorcycle / Diamond Frame: Tubular frame design common until World War II and derived from the bicycle layout. The engine cases often form part of the structure. In profile it resembles a diamond shape MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Step-Thru: Motorbike frame layout with a low structure between the seat and the steering head often associated with scooters. On early machines it was commonly called an open frame. MORE


Technology / Motorcycle / Inline: Engine layout in which the cylinders are arranged in a row. For example, an "inline 4? engine would have 4 cycliners aligned in one row. MORE


Life Style / Travel / Category: A price gradient of cabins, usually presented from the most expensive to the least expensive. Cabins in the same category are usually on the same deck and general location, and provide similar feature MORE

Horizontally Opposed

Technology / Motorcycle / Horizontally Opposed: Type of engine layout in which the cylinders are placed at 180° to one another. It is also described as a flat twin or flat four, etc. Also known as a boxer engine. MORE