Business / Machine Shop / Leadscrew: The long, precision screw located in front of the lathe bed geared to the spindle and used for cutting threads. Also, the table screw on the universal milling machine when geared to the indexing head for helical milling.


Business / Machine Shop / Half-Nut: A lever-operated mechanism that resembles a split nut that can be closed on the leadscrew of a lathe when threads are being cut. MORE

Tumbler Gears

Business / Machine Shop / Tumbler Gears: A pair of small lever-mounted gears on a lathe used to engage or to change the direction of the leadscrew. MORE

Dividing Head

Business / Machine Shop / Dividing Head: A machine tool holding fixture which positions the work for accurately spacing holes slots flutes and gear teeth and for making geometric shapes. When geared to the table leadscrew, it can be used for MORE