Business / Machine Shop / Limits: The smallest and largest dimension which are tolerable (allowed).

Other Words for Limits

Limits Noun Synonyms: extent, bound(s), end, limitation, check, curb, restriction, restraint

Position Limits

Business / Finance / Position Limits: Applies to derivative products. Maximum position available in any one future or option contract for a given institution. For 'bona fide' futures hedgers, there are no position limits. MORE

Locks and Limits

Technology / Television (TV) / Locks and Limits: Allows you to restrict viewing of rated movies (based on the motion picture rating system) or to lock out entire channels. MORE

Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP)

Business / Taxes / Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP): An SEP is a qualified retirement plan set up as an individual retirement annuity (IRA) in an employee's name. You can establish an SEP for yourself if you own a small business, or you may participate MORE

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Business / Finance / Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC): When federal government expenditures are exceeded by federal government revenue. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Handicap: Pins awarded to a player or team in an attempt to equalize competition. Often refered to as a percentage of a established target score. For example, if the handicap was 90% of 200, a player with an av MORE

Jumbo Loan

Business / Finance / Jumbo Loan: Loans of $1 billion or more. Or, loans that exceed the statutory size limit eligible for purchase or securitization by the federal agencies. MORE