Live Center

Business / Machine Shop / Live Center: See center, live.

Other Words for Live

Live Adjective Synonyms: burning, glowing, flaming, alight, red-hot, white-hot
Live Verb Synonyms: reside, dwell, be, abide, stay, remain, lodge, room
Live Adverb Synonyms: living, breathing, animate, viable, existent, material, physical, tangible, real, actual, palpable

Just-In-Time Delivery

Business / Agriculture / Just-In-Time Delivery: An inventory control system that replenishes and delivers products to a retailer just as a current supply is depleted. MORE

Live Ball

Entertainment / Basketball / Live Ball: As soon as a ball is given to a free-throw shooter or a thrower on a throw-in, it's live. MORE

Live Ball Era

Entertainment / Baseball / Live Ball Era: This refers to the period of play beginning after the Dead Ball Era ended in 1920. MORE

Irsai Olivér

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Irsai Olivér: Hungarian tablegrape cross variety developed in early 1930's. Used to produce grapey white wines with Muscat aromatic reminders. Derived from a cross of Pozsonyi x Perle von Csaba V. vinifera varietie MORE

Ip Delivery

Business / Internet Marketing / Ip Delivery: To deliver content based on the IP address of the computer requesting the URL. Sometimes used to tailor content to different user groups. MORE

Integrated Delivery System (IDS)

Health / Health Insurance / Integrated Delivery System (IDS): A provider organization that is fully integrated operationally and clinically to provide a full range of healthcare services, including physician services, hospital services, and ancillary services. MORE