Machine Tool

Business / Machine Shop / Machine Tool: A power-driven machine designed to bore, cut, drill, or grind metal or other materials.

Other Words for Machine

Machine Noun Synonyms: organization, system, ring, gang, cabal, clique, party, faction
Machine Adjective Synonyms: mechanism, device, apparatus, contrivance, appliance, instrument, implement, tool, utensil, gadget, contraption, gismo or gizmo

Other Words for Tool

Tool Adjective Synonyms: means, way, agency, weapon, medium, vehicle, instrumentality, avenue, road
Tool Noun Synonyms: utensil, implement, instrument, device, apparatus, appliance, contrivance, aid, machine, mechanism, gadget, contraption, gimmick, gismo or gizmo

Tide Predicting Machine

Science / Tides and Currents / Tide Predicting Machine: A mechanical analog machine especially designed to handle the great quantity of constituent summations required in the harmonic method. William Ferrel's Maxima and Minima Tide Predictor (described in MORE

Tool Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Tool Steel: A general classification for high-carbon steel that can be heat treated to a hardness required for metal cutting tools such as punches, dies, drills, taps, reamers and so forth. MORE


Business / Search Engine Optimization (SEO) / Toolbar: Many major search companies aim to gain marketshare by distributing search toolbars. Some of these toolbars have useful features such as pop-up blockers, spell checkers, and form autofill. These toolb MORE


Business / Construction / Stool: The flat molding fitted over the window sill between jambs and contacting the bottom rail of the lower sash. Also another name for toilet. MORE

Smith Machine

Health / Fitness / Smith Machine: A barbell that is constrained to move only vertically upwards and downwards. MORE

Piston Machine

Life Style / Coffee / Piston Machine: An espresso machine that uses a piston operated by a lever to force brewing water at high pressure through the compacted bed of ground coffee. MORE