Business / Machine Shop / Mesh: To engage, as the teeth between two gears.

Other Words for Mesh

Mesh Noun Synonyms: mesh-work, network, netting, net, web, webbing, lattice, lattice-work, screen, screening, interlacing, lace-work, grid, grate, grating, grater, sieve, strainer, trellis, trellis-work, decussation, rete, reticle or reticule or graticule, reticula


Life Style / Time Shares / Timeshare: The concept of purchasing an increment of time at a resort, condominium, apartment, or other facility, often with the option to exchange this time for time at a different location. What makes timeshar MORE

Timeshare Developers

Life Style / Time Shares / Timeshare Developers: Companies that develop or acquire resort properties, and usually market and sell the timeshare inventory in those resorts to consumers. The developer entity may also act as the property manager during MORE

Mesh Jacket

Technology / Motorcycle / Mesh Jacket: An open-weave, protective apparel for motorcycle riders that allows air to circulate through the garment offering ventilation and cooler riding for hot, summer temperatures. Most notably used in moto MORE

Ote (Organisation For Timeshare In Europe)

Life Style / Time Shares / Ote (Organisation For Timeshare In Europe): A trade association in Europe composed of resort owners and developers. The OTE is similar to ARDA, but with more of an emphasis on consumer affairs. MORE

Lockout, A.K.A. Lock-Off Unit

Life Style / Time Shares / Lockout, A.K.A. Lock-Off Unit: A timeshare property which can be divided into two complete sections so that two different parties may occupy either half at the same time. MORE

Linked Agreement

Life Style / Time Shares / Linked Agreement: Two agreements, appearing to be separate, which are in fact linked. For example, in areas where laws prohibiting the taking of deposits on timeshare property exist, the buyer may be presented with bot MORE