Business / Machine Shop / Metal: A class of chemical elements that are good conductors of heat and electricity, usually malleable, ductile, lustrous and more dense than other elemental substances.

Metal Tape Eq

Technology / Home Audio / Metal Tape Eq: An equalization circuit that compensates for the unique frequency response characteristics of metal tape. MORE

Transition Metal

Science / Chemistry / Transition Metal: An element with an incomplete d subshell. Elements which have common cations with incomplete d subshells are also considered transition metals. Elements with incomplete f subshells are sometimes calle MORE

Metallic Bond

Business / Machine Shop / Metallic Bond: The principal atomic bond that holds metals together. MORE

Metal Print

Entertainment / Photography / Metal Print: Is a photographic print made on a sensitized metal surface MORE

Metallic Compounds

Science / Chemistry / Metallic Compounds: Compounds that contain at least one metallic element. MORE

Sheet Metal Duct Work

Business / Construction / Sheet Metal Duct Work: The heating system. Usually round or rectangular metal pipes and sheet metal (for Return Air) and installed for distributing warm (or cold) air from the furnace to rooms in the home. MORE