Music Wire

Business / Machine Shop / Music Wire: A high-quality steel wire used for making springs. Also called piano wire.

Static Wire

Technology / Aviation / Static Wire: A clip-on wire used to ground an aircraft by drawing off static electricity, a potential fire hazard, during refueling. MORE

Secular Music

Entertainment / Music / Secular Music: Nonreligious music: when texted, usually in the vernacular. MORE

Sacred Music

Entertainment / Music / Sacred Music: Religious or spiritual music, for church or devotional use. MORE

Trade On The Wire

Business / Finance / Trade On The Wire: Work out of one's long position (usually created by committing firm principal to complete a trade block trade) by selling stock. Antithesis of 'buy them back.' MORE

Traditional Music

Entertainment / Music / Traditional Music: Music that is learned by oral transmission and is easily sung or played by most people: may exist in variant forms. Also folk music. MORE

Unfused Wire

Technology / Home Audio / Unfused Wire: Any section of wire between the power supply and a load that does not include the protection of a fuse or circuit breaker. MORE