Nominal Pipe Size (NPS)

Business / Machine Shop / Nominal Pipe Size (NPS): The size of pipe is identified by its nominal pipe size. For pipes between 1/8- and 12-inches nominal size, the outside diameter (OD) was originally selected so that the inside diameter was equal to the nominal size for pipes of standard wall thickness of the times. This is no longer true with the changes in metals and manufacturing processes, but the nominal size and standard OD continue in use as a trade.

Other Words for Nominal

Nominal Adjective Synonyms: titular, in name only, formal, pretended, so-called, self-styled, soi-disant, professed, purported, supposed, would-be, representational, represented, supposititious, proposed, propositional, puppet

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Pipe Verb Synonyms: look at, notice, spot, note, look at, get a load of
Pipe Noun Synonyms: pan-pipe, whistle, boatswain's pipe, tooter, horn, wind, wind instrument, woodwind, brass
Pipe Adjective Synonyms: pipeline, tube, duct, hose, line, main, conduit, passage, conveyor, channel

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Size Noun Synonyms: magnitude, largeness, bigness, bulk, extent, scope, range, dimensions, proportions, measurement(s), expanse, area, square footage, volume, mass, weight, hugeness, immensity, greatness, vastness, enormousness

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