Off Center

Business / Machine Shop / Off Center: Not centered: offset, eccentric, or inaccurate.

Other Words for Off

Off Adjective Synonyms: remote, distant, improbable, unlikely
Off Noun Synonyms: away, out, elsewhere
Off Adverb Synonyms: incorrect, wrong, inaccurate, in error, mistaken, misguided, misled, off the mark


Life Style / Travel / Officers: The deck officers, in order of command, are - captain, staff captain, chief officer, first officer(s). The captain is first in command of the ship. As second in command, the staff captain is fully cap MORE

Office Property

Business / Real Estate / Office Property: Income-producing commercial property from which a particular service is rendered. MORE

Office Of Thrift Supervision (OTS)

Business / Finance / Office Of Thrift Supervision (OTS): An agency of the U.S. Treasury department responsible for the U.S. savings and loan industry. MORE

Office Of The Chief Economist (OCE)

Business / Agriculture / Office Of The Chief Economist (OCE): The Office of the Chief Economist advises the Secretary of Agriculture on the economic implications of policies and programs affecting the U.S. food and fiber system and rural areas. The Chief Economi MORE

Official Reserves

Business / Finance / Official Reserves: Holdings of gold and foreign currencies by official monetary institutions. MORE

Official Scorer

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Official Scorer: An official who keeps a record of the game, including goals scored and the time of each score, players credited with goals and assists, and substitutions. MORE