Business / Machine Shop / Oxygen: A colorless, odorless, tasteless, gaseous chemical element, the most abundant of all elements. Oxygen occurs free in the atmosphere, forming 1/5 of its volume and in combination in water, sandstone, limestone, etc.: it is very active being able to combine with nearly all other elements and is essential to life.

Oxygen Minimum Layer

Science / Marine Biology / Oxygen Minimum Layer: A depth zone, usually below the thermocline, in which dissolved oxygen is minimal MORE

Oxygen Dissociation Curve

Science / Marine Biology / Oxygen Dissociation Curve: A curve showing the percent saturation of a blood pigment, such as hemoglobin, as a function of oxygen concentration of the fluid MORE

Oxygen Technique (Primary Productivity)

Science / Marine Biology / Oxygen Technique (Primary Productivity): The estimation of primary productivity by the measurement of the rate of oxygen increase MORE