Prick Punch

Business / Machine Shop / Prick Punch: A solid punch with a sharp point, used to mark centers or other locations on metal.

Other Words for Prick

Prick Noun Synonyms: puncture, pierce, stab, jab, punch, perforate, riddle, lance
Prick Adjective Synonyms: puncture, pinhole, pinprick, hole, perforation

Other Words for Punch

Punch Verb Synonyms: hit, clip, jab, whack, thwack, knock, smack, box, pummel, strike, cuff, clout, bop, slug, wallop, thump, lambaste, slam, sock, biff, plug, belt, lace (into), paste
Punch Noun Synonyms: effect, impact, effectiveness, force, forcefulness, power, vitality, gusto, vigor, life, vim, zest, ginger, it, oomph, what it takes, zing, zip

Center Punch

Business / Machine Shop / Center Punch: A pointed hand tool made of hardened steel and shaped somewhat like a pencil. MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Punch-And-Judy: Said of a hitter who tends to hit well-placed but weakly-hit balls for singles. The first reference was made by former Los Angeles Dodgers manager Walter Alston when asked about a home run by Willie m MORE

Punch The Greens

Entertainment / Golf / Punch The Greens: Another phrase for aerate MORE


Entertainment / Baseball / Punch-Out: A strikeout MORE

Register Punch

Entertainment / Photography / Register Punch: Punched used to make alignment holes in film or paper for registering images. MORE

Swedish Punch (Caloric Punch)

Entertainment / Liquor / Swedish Punch (Caloric Punch): A Scandanavian liqueur made from batavia, arak, tea, lemon peel and 70 other spices. Also called caloric punch for its warming properties. MORE