Business / Machine Shop / Radius: The distance from the center of a circle to its circumference (outside).

Atomic Radius

Science / Chemistry / Atomic Radius: Metallic radius; covalent radius; atomic radii. Compare with ionic radius. One half the distance between nuclei of atoms of the same element, when the atoms are bound by a single covalent bond or are MORE

Ionic Radius

Science / Chemistry / Ionic Radius: The radii of anions and cations in crystalline ionic compounds, as determined by consistently partitioning the center-to-center distance of ions in those compounds. MORE

Radius Gage

Business / Machine Shop / Radius Gage: Any one of a number of small, flat, standard-shaped metal leafs or blades used for checking the accuracy of regular concave and convex surfaces. MORE

Bohr Radius

Science / Chemistry / Bohr Radius: The atomic unit of length, equal to 0.529 177 2083 × 10-10 m, with an uncertainty of 0.000 000 0019 × 10-10 m [1998 CODATA values] MORE

Radius Of Gyration (Rg)

Entertainment / Bowling / Radius Of Gyration (Rg): Identifies how fast a ball begins to rotate once it leaves the bowler's hand. MORE

Van Der Waals Radius

Science / Chemistry / Van Der Waals Radius: One half the distance between two nonbonded atoms, when attractive and repulsive forces between the atoms are balanced. MORE