Residual Stress

Business / Machine Shop / Residual Stress: Stress present in a joint member or material that is free of external forces or thermal gradients.

Other Words for Residual

Residual Noun Synonyms: remaining, leftover, surplus, spare, extra, residuary

Other Words for Stress

Stress Verb Synonyms: emphasis, force, pressure, forcefulness, accent, accentuation, prominence, ictus
Stress Adjective Synonyms: (stress and) strain, burden, anxiety, worry, distress, pain, grief, suffering, anguish, pressure, tenseness, tension
Stress Noun Synonyms: strain, put under strain or stress, upset, disturb, burden, worry, distress, pressurize or pressure


Business / Finance / Residuals: (1) Part of stock returns not explained by the explanatory variable (the market index return). Residuals measure the impact of firm-specific events during a particular period. (2) Remainder cash flows MORE

Salvage Or Residual Value

Business / Accounting / Salvage Or Residual Value: Estimated value or actual price of an asset at the conclusion of its useful life, net of disposal costs. MORE

Secondary Stress

Entertainment / Literature / Secondary Stress: A stress less prominent than the primary stress--often indicated by a grave accent mark. See chart of common diacritical markings for more information. MORE

Silent Stress

Life Style / Poetry / Silent Stress: A noticeable pause or musical rest with all the value of a beat in highly rhythmic verse. An example is the caesura that appears at the end of the first lines in (spoken-aloud) nursery rhymes such as MORE

Residual Value

Business / Finance / Residual Value: Usually refers to the value of a lessor's property at the time the lease expires. MORE

Residual Supplier

Business / Agriculture / Residual Supplier: A country that supplies the world market only after importers have met their initial needs from preferred suppliers. A residual supplier is not initially competitive because of higher prices or lower MORE