Business / Machine Shop / Roughing: The fast removal of stock to reduce a workpiece to approximate dimensions, leaving only enough material to finish the part to specifications.


Business / Construction / Roughing-In: The initial stage of a plumbing, electrical, heating, carpentry, and/or other project, when all components that won't be seen after the second finishing phase are assembled. See also Heat Rough, Plumb MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Fighting: Fighting can be a minor (roughing) penalty or a major penalty and a game misconduct. This is at the discretion of the referee. A player who starts the fight will be assessed an instigating minor penal MORE

Automatic First Down

Entertainment / Football / Automatic First Down: For several of the most severe fouls against the defensive team, a first down is awarded to the offensive team even if the result of the penalty does not advance the ball beyond the line to gain. In t MORE