Running Fit

Business / Machine Shop / Running Fit: A class of fit intended for use on machinery with moderate speeds, where accurate location and minimum play are desired.

Other Words for Fit

Fit Noun Synonyms: tantrum, eruption, explosion
Fit Adjective Synonyms: fitting, appropriate, fitted, suitable, suited, adapted, apt, meet, apropos, applicable, befitting, becoming, convenient, proper, right, correct, fitting
Fit Verb Synonyms: adjust, modify, change, adapt, alter, accommodate, shape, fashion

Other Words for Running

Running Noun Synonyms: operation, management, direction

Profit And Loss Account

Business / Accounting / Profit And Loss Account: An account made up of revenue and expense accounts which shows the current profit or loss of a business (ie. whether a business has earned more than it has spent in the current year). Often referred t MORE

Profit And Loss Statement

Business / Real Estate / Profit And Loss Statement: A detailed statement of income and expenses of a business that reveals the operating position of the business over a period of time. Commonly referred to a P&L. MORE

Profit and Loss Statement (P and L)

Business / Finance / Profit and Loss Statement (P and L): Another term for the income statement. MORE


Business / Accounting / Profit: The positive difference between total revenue from a business or investment, minus total expense. See Gross profit , Net profit , and Profit and Loss Account . MORE

Problematic Fit

Technology / Television (TV) / Problematic Fit: In the study of television stars, a complete mismatch of a particular role's characteristics with a star's polysemy. MORE

Pre-Tax Earnings Or Profits

Business / Finance / Pre-Tax Earnings Or Profits: Net income before federal income taxes are subtracted. MORE