Business / Machine Shop / Set: The bend or offset of a saw tooth to provide a clearance for the blade while cutting. Also, the permanent change in the form of metal as the result of repeated or excessive strain.

Other Words for Set

Set Verb Synonyms: establish, fix, fasten on, appoint
Set Noun Synonyms: set down, place, put, situate, locate, site, plant, position, station, stand, lay, install or instal, lodge, mount, park, deposit, plump, drop, plunk or plonk (down)

Super Set

Health / Fitness / Super Set: Two or more exercise in a row, then a rest break and then keep going until finish the sets to be done. MORE

Nonreproducible Assets

Business / Finance / Nonreproducible Assets: A tangible asset with unique physical properties, like a parcel of land, a mine, or a work of art. MORE

Drop Sets

Health / Fitness / Drop Sets: A set of exercise where a person starts with a heavy weight and repets to failure. After that, just exchange for a lighter weight to continue the exercise. MORE

Olympic Set

Health / Fitness / Olympic Set: High quality, precision made set of weights used for competition. The bar is approximately 7' long. All moving parts have either brass bushings or bearings. Plates are machined for accurate weight. MORE

Net Current Assets

Business / Finance / Net Current Assets: The difference between current assets and current liabilities, also known as working capital. MORE

Straight Sets

Health / Fitness / Straight Sets: Groups of repetitions (SETS) interrupted by only brief pauses, (30-90) seconds. MORE