Business / Machine Shop / Setup: The preparation of a machine tool to complete a specific operation. It includes mounting the workpiece and necessary tools and fixtures and selecting the proper speeds, feeds, depth of cut and coolants.

Surface Grinding

Business / Machine Shop / Surface Grinding: The process of grinding flat surfaces on a surface grinding machine. With special setups, angular and form surfaces may also be ground. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Bipole: A speaker design that uses two sets of drivers to generate equal amounts of sound both forward and backward, or side to side, with the two sounds being 'in phase.' In a home theater setup, bipole spea MORE

Anechoic Chamber

Technology / Home Audio / Anechoic Chamber: A special room that is constructed without acoustically reflective surfaces, such that it is without echoes, or an-echo-ic. This experimental setup enables engineers to more precisely measure the acou MORE

Straddle Milling

Business / Machine Shop / Straddle Milling: A milling setup where two side milling cutters are spaced on an arbor to machine two parallel surfaces with a single cut. MORE

Gang Milling

Business / Machine Shop / Gang Milling: A milling setup where a number of cutters are arranged on an arbor so that several surfaces can be machined at one time. It is commonly used for production purposes. MORE

Approach Shot

Entertainment / Golf / Approach Shot: A shot intended to reach the green MORE