Business / Machine Shop / Shank: That part of a tool or similar object which connects the principal operating part to the handle, socket, or chuck by which it is held or moved.


Health / Yoga / Shashankasana : Moon pose. MORE

Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana

Health / Yoga / Laghoo Shankhaprakshalana : A shatkarma technique - also referred as the short intestinal wash. Involves the drinking of several glasses of water and the expelling it through stool after a series of exercises (asanas); in the pr MORE


Technology / Aviation / Drift: The angle between the heading of an aircraft and its Track [flight path] over the ground as affected by winds. MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Tang: The flat on the shank of a cutting tool, such as a drill, reamer or end mill, that fits a slot in the spindle of a machine to keep the tool from slipping. Also, the part of a file that fits into a han MORE

Varisara Dhauti

Health / Yoga / Varisara Dhauti : Yogic cleansing technique in which a large quantity of water is drunk in conjunction with asanas to cleanse the entire digestive tract; also known as shankhaprakshalana. MORE

Back Rake

Business / Machine Shop / Back Rake: The angular surface ground back from the cutting edge of cutting tools. On lathe cutting tools the rake is positive if the face slopes down from the cutting edge toward the shank and negative if the f MORE