Business / Machine Shop / Shoulder: A term for the step made between two machined surfaces.

Other Words for Shoulder

Shoulder Noun Synonyms: side, edge, verge, margin, breakdown lane

Shoulder Deke

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Shoulder Deke: A quick move of the shoulder in one direction and the player in another to fake out the opponent. MORE

Shoulder Lifts

Health / Yoga / Shoulder Lifts: A warm-up pose. Lift the shoulder and let it down gradually. MORE

Shoulder Blades Into Your Back Pockets

Health / Pilates / Shoulder Blades Into Your Back Pockets: An image to encourage upper back and shoulder stability. Visualize your shoulder blades moving down your back into the back pockets of your jeans. MORE

Shoulder buttons

Entertainment / Video Games / Shoulder buttons: Found on the controllers of most modern systems, these can be found on the side of the controller that faces away from the player. These are usually pressed with your index fingers, and are usually an MORE

Shoulder Muscles

Health / Fitness / Shoulder Muscles: A group of muscles located at the upper arm to the torso of the body. Compised of three heads, front, medial and rear delt. MORE

Head and Shoulders

Business / Finance / Head and Shoulders: Finance professor at Duke University. Author of research on international finance, asset allocation, and emerging markets. MORE