Soft Hammer

Business / Machine Shop / Soft Hammer: A hammer made of brass, copper, lead or plastic to a non-marring finished surfaces on machines or workpieces.

Other Words for Soft

Soft Noun Synonyms: yielding, cushiony, plushy, spongy, squeezable, compressible, squashy, squashable, flexible, plastic, pliable, pliant, supple, flexile, flexuous, unstarched
Soft Adjective Synonyms: easygoing, tolerant, kind, compassionate, gentle, merciful, lenient, indulgent, permissive, liberal, lax, easy, docile, tame, submissive, deferential, benign, tender-hearted, sympathetic, kind-hearted, kind

Soft Spot

Business / Finance / Soft Spot: A buyer's market in which supply exceeds demand, causing little trading activity and wide bid-ask spreads. MORE

Soft Tail

Technology / Motorcycle / Soft Tail: A Soft Tail is a motorcycle that appears to have a Hard Tail rear suspension but in reality has shock absorbers that are hidden from view. Harley-Davidson has many Soft Tail models but they call them MORE

Soft Tissue

Health / First Aid / Soft Tissue: All tissues in the body except bone. MORE

Soft Tissue Release

Health / Massage / Soft Tissue Release: Soft-tissue release (STR) is a powerful injury treatment technique developed in Europe with the world’s fastest sprinters. Recovery rates once considered impossible by traditional therapists and spo MORE

Soft Skills

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Soft Skills: Skills required to perform a certain job where the job is defined in terms of expected outcomes, but the process to achieve the outcome varies. MORE

Soft Rock

Entertainment / Music / Soft Rock: Lyrical, gentle rock style that evolved around 1960 in response to hard-driving rock and roll. MORE