Solid Square

Business / Machine Shop / Solid Square: A very accurate try square in which a steel blade is set firmly into a solid, rectangular-shaped handle so that each edge of the blade makes an angle of exactly 90?? with the inner face (side) of the handle.

Other Words for Solid

Solid Adjective Synonyms: filled (in or up), packed, jammed, crowded, teeming, congested, crammed, swarming, compressed, concentrated, chock-a-block, jam-packed, chock-full
Solid Noun Synonyms: three-dimensional, cubic

Other Words for Square

Square Adjective Synonyms: healthful, healthy, nutritious, substantial, solid, full, generous, satisfying, filling, unstinting
Square Verb Synonyms: equal, on a par, even, on equal terms, settled, balanced
Square Noun Synonyms: equilateral, quadrangular, rectangular, right-angled, quadrilateral, four-sided, cubic, cubed, six-sided, boxy

Solid (X) Pin

Entertainment / Bowling / Solid (X) Pin: Describes leaving a pin an an apparent solid shot; I left a solid 10. MORE


Entertainment / Bowling / Solid: (1) a ball surface that is one color, no pearl effect; (2) the act of hitting the pocket with authority. MORE

Solid Bridging

Business / Construction / Solid Bridging: A solid member placed between adjacent floor joists near the center of the span to prevent joists or rafters from twisting. MORE

Solid Core Door

Business / Real Estate / Solid Core Door: A door where the inner material (core) is made of solid wood. This type door is usually used for doors to the outside or garage. MORE

Solid Rocket Booster (SBR)

Technology / Rockets / Solid Rocket Booster (SBR): Solid Rocket Boosters are boosters which are strapped onto the side of a rocket to assist in liftoff which then fall away from the rocket once the solid propellant has burned out. Examples of NASA roc MORE

Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square

Science / Astrology / Sesquiquadrate, Sesqui-Square: A multiple of the semi-square, and eighth harmonic aspect. A minor hard aspect, separating distance 135°, its influence is frictional. MORE