Spot Facing

Business / Machine Shop / Spot Facing: Finishing a bearing surface around the top of a hole.

Other Words for Facing

Facing Noun Synonyms: facade, front, cladding, surface, overlay, skin, coating

Other Words for Spot

Spot Noun Synonyms: morsel, bit, bite, smidgen or smidgin
Spot Verb Synonyms: mark, patch, speck, blot, blotch, blemish, speckle, fleck, particle, mote, macula, smudge, stain, stigma, discoloration, splodge or also splotch
Spot Adjective Synonyms: site, place, locale, location, locality, scene, setting, section, area, neighborhood, quarter

Spot Rate

Business / Finance / Spot Rate: The current market price of the actual physical commodity. Also called cash price. Current delivery price of a commodity traded in the spot market, in which goods are sold for cash and delivered immed MORE

Spot Priming

Life Style / Painting / Spot Priming: A method of protecting localized spots. The only areas primed are those that require additional protection due to rusting or peeling of the former coat. MORE

Spot Rate Curve

Business / Finance / Spot Rate Curve: The theoretical yield on a zero-coupon Treasury security. MORE

Spot Reducing

Health / Fitness / Spot Reducing: A popular but false assumption that an individual can 'burn' fat only in desired areas. Fat is not reduced selectively from exercised areas, but rather from total fat stored throughout the body. MORE

Spot Rewards

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Spot Rewards: Cash and noncash awards given to employees for ideas submitted or accomplishments benefiting the organization. MORE

Spot Prime

Life Style / Painting / Spot Prime: The process of applying a primer to areas where paint has been removed or stripped to the original surface. MORE