Business / Machine Shop / Steel: A material composed primarily of iron, less than 2% carbon and (in an alloy steel) small

Other Words for Steel

Steel Adjective Synonyms: sword, dagger, blade, knife, dirk, stiletto

Crucible Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Crucible Steel: A high-grade tool steel made by melting selected materials in a crucible. MORE

Tool Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Tool Steel: A general classification for high-carbon steel that can be heat treated to a hardness required for metal cutting tools such as punches, dies, drills, taps, reamers and so forth. MORE

Mild Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Mild Steel: Refer to carbon steel. MORE

Hot-Rolled Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Hot-Rolled Steel: Steel which is rolled to finished size while hot. Identified by a dark oxide scale left on the surface. MORE

High-Speed Steel (HSS)

Business / Machine Shop / High-Speed Steel (HSS): An alloy steel commonly used for cutting tools because of its ability to remove metal at a much faster rate than carbon steel tools. MORE

Cold-Rolled Steel

Business / Machine Shop / Cold-Rolled Steel: Steel that has been rolled to accurate size and smooth finish when made. In contrast, hot-rolled steel may have a rough, pitted surface and slag inclusion. MORE