Business / Machine Shop / Tang: The flat on the shank of a cutting tool, such as a drill, reamer or end mill, that fits a slot in the spindle of a machine to keep the tool from slipping. Also, the part of a file that fits into a handle.

Other Words for Tang

Tang Verb Synonyms: tinge, flavor, hint, suggestion, trace, dab, smack, touch, smattering
Tang Adjective Synonyms: pungency, piquancy, bite, zest, zestiness, sharpness, poignancy, spiciness, nip, edge, spice, taste, flavor, savor, aroma, smell, odor, zip, kick

Tangible Equity

Business / Finance / Tangible Equity: An asset that represents a physical object such as land, furniture, and buildings. Under accounting rules, a tangible asset must have a useful life greater than one year, and must be used in business MORE

Tangible Asset

Business / Finance / Tangible Asset: Ginnie Mae mortgage funds provided at below-market rates to residential MBS buyers with FHA Section 203 and 235 loans and to developers of multifamily projects with Section 236 loans initially and lat MORE

Net Tangible Assets Per Share

Business / Finance / Net Tangible Assets Per Share: All of a company's assets except patents, trademarks, and other intangible assets minus all liabilities and the par value of preferred stock, divided by the number of shares outstanding. MORE

Intangible Asset

Business / Finance / Intangible Asset: Defined benefit pension plans that are guaranteed by life insurance products. Related: Non-insured plans MORE

Tangible Net Worth

Business / Finance / Tangible Net Worth: Equity less intangible assets. See the ratios of debt to tangible equity, fixed assets to tangible equity, and return on tangible equity. MORE

Return On Tangible Equity

Business / Finance / Return On Tangible Equity: Net income for a time period divided by tangible equity. This ratio is sometimes used to measure profitability or the efficiency with which the owners' financial investments are being employed. The va MORE