Business / Machine Shop / Template: A pattern or guide for laying out or machining to a specific shape or form.

Other Words for Template

Template Adjective Synonyms: templet, pattern, mould, guide, model, die

Template Strand

Science / Biology / Template Strand: The strand of DNA that is transcribed to make RNA. MORE


Science / Genetics / Cdna: Complementary dna produced from a rna template by the action of rna- dependent dna polymerase. MORE

DNA Replication

Science / Genetics / DNA Replication: The use of existing dna as a template for the synthesis of new dna strands. In humans and other eukaryotes, replication occurs in the cell nucleus. MORE

Drill Bushing

Business / Machine Shop / Drill Bushing: A hardened steel guide inserted in jigs, fixtures or templates for the purpose of providing a guide for the drill in drilling holes in their proper or exact location. MORE


Business / Human Resources (HR) / Specialization: A principle stating that, as an organization grows, work within the organization needs to be divided in order to keep jobs from becoming so specialized or complex that they require a greater range of MORE

Obligatory Advance

Business / Real Estate / Obligatory Advance: Any advance which, under the terms of the credit line deed of trust or other agreement, the secured party has legally obligated itself to make in the absence of a default, breach, or other such event. MORE