Thermal Expansion

Business / Machine Shop / Thermal Expansion: The expansion of materials caused by heat input.

Other Words for Expansion

Expansion Verb Synonyms: increase, augmentation, development, enlargement, extension, burgeoning or bourgeoning, flourishing, growth, spread

Thermal Conductivity

Science / Geology / Thermal Conductivity: A measure of a rock's capacity for heat conduction. MORE

Thermal Energy

Science / Chemistry / Thermal Energy: Energy an object possesses by virtue of its temperature. For example, 1 g of water at 15°C has 4.184 J more energy than 1 g of water at 14°C. MORE

Thermal Block

Life Style / Coffee / Thermal Block: A system for heating water in espresso brewers that uses coils of pipe enclosed inside a heating element or hot water tank. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Thermal: Pertaining to heat. MORE

Internal Expansion

Business / Finance / Internal Expansion: Growth of assets resulting from internal financing or internally generated cash flow. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Isothermal: Having constant temperature. MORE