Thermal Stress Relieving

Business / Machine Shop / Thermal Stress Relieving: A process of relieving stresses by uniform heating of a structure or a portion of a structure, followed by uniform cooling.

Other Words for Stress

Stress Verb Synonyms: emphasis, force, pressure, forcefulness, accent, accentuation, prominence, ictus
Stress Noun Synonyms: strain, put under strain or stress, upset, disturb, burden, worry, distress, pressurize or pressure
Stress Adjective Synonyms: (stress and) strain, burden, anxiety, worry, distress, pain, grief, suffering, anguish, pressure, tenseness, tension


Science / Chemistry / Thermal: Pertaining to heat. MORE

Thermal Block

Life Style / Coffee / Thermal Block: A system for heating water in espresso brewers that uses coils of pipe enclosed inside a heating element or hot water tank. MORE

Thermal Conductivity

Science / Geology / Thermal Conductivity: A measure of a rock's capacity for heat conduction. MORE

Thermal Energy

Science / Chemistry / Thermal Energy: Energy an object possesses by virtue of its temperature. For example, 1 g of water at 15°C has 4.184 J more energy than 1 g of water at 14°C. MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Stressor: Any life event or life change that may be associated temporally (and perhaps causally) with the onset, occurrence, or exacerbation of a mental disorder. MORE

Stressed Member

Technology / Motorcycle / Stressed Member: A component that is an integral part of the whole structure. A common motorcycle use of this term is when an engine is a stressed member of its frame. MORE