Thread Axis

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Axis: A line running lengthwise through the center of the screw.

Other Words for Thread

Thread Adjective Synonyms: fibre, filament, strand, (piece of) yarn, string, line, cord, twine
Thread Noun Synonyms: theme, plot, story-line, subject, motif, thesis, course, drift, direction, tenor, train (of thought), sequence or train or chain of events


Entertainment / Video Games / Sixaxis: The brand name for the motion-sensitive playstation 3 controller, so called because it has the ability to sense rotational and translational movement along all three dimensional axes (meaning you can MORE

Square Threads

Business / Machine Shop / Square Threads: A thread having a depth, width and space between threads that are equal. It is used on heavy jack screws, vise screws and other similar items. MORE


Science / Biology / Taxis: The behavior when an animal turns and moves toward or away from an external stimulus (pl.: taxes). MORE

Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis

Science / Biology / Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis: Refers to the arrangement in vascular plants in which the roots anchor the plant and absorb water and nutrients, the leaves carry out photosynthesis, and the vascular system connects the roots and lea MORE


Health / Dentistry / Prophylaxis: The scaling and polishing procedure performed to remove calculus, plaque, and stains from the crowns of the teeth. MORE

Preferred Spin Axis (Psa)

Entertainment / Bowling / Preferred Spin Axis (Psa): It is the final axis a ball achieves while rolling down the lane. It is heavily influenced by the amount of friction and bowler generated revolutions. MORE