Thread Root

Business / Machine Shop / Thread Root: The bottom surface joining the sides of two adjacent threads.

Other Words for Root

Root Noun Synonyms: base, basis, foundation, source, seat, cause, fountain-head, origin, fount, well-spring
Root Verb Synonyms: rootstock, rootstalk, tap root, rootlet, tuber, radix, radicle, radicel, rhizome, rhizomorph

Other Words for Thread

Thread Noun Synonyms: theme, plot, story-line, subject, motif, thesis, course, drift, direction, tenor, train (of thought), sequence or train or chain of events
Thread Adjective Synonyms: fibre, filament, strand, (piece of) yarn, string, line, cord, twine


Technology / Computers / Rootkit: A set of programs used by hackers to gain access to information contained in your operating system and can even mask its presence. The program can also be used to access computers within a network. Us MORE

Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis

Science / Biology / Root-Leaf-Vascular System Axis: Refers to the arrangement in vascular plants in which the roots anchor the plant and absorb water and nutrients, the leaves carry out photosynthesis, and the vascular system connects the roots and lea MORE


Science / Biology / Roots: Organs, usually occurring underground, that absorb nutrients and water and anchor the plant; one of the three major plant organ systems. MORE


Life Style / Wine / Rootstock: The use of separate rootstock - essentially a clump of roots - onto which the vines are grafted was made necessary by the arrival of Phylloxera. The great Vitis vinifera varieties, such as Chenin Blan MORE

Spikenard root (Aralia recemosa)

Health / Herbs / Spikenard root (Aralia recemosa): Diuretic, relieves coughs and asthma, Native Americans used it for menstrual irregularities, helps lung and kidney ailments. MORE

Root System

Science / Biology / Root System: Plant organ systems that anchors the plant in place, stores excess sugars, and absorbs water and mineral nutrients. That part of the plant below ground level. MORE