Business / Machine Shop / Traverse: One movement across the surface of the work being machined.

Other Words for Traverse

Traverse Verb Synonyms: cross, criss-cross, go across, lie or extend across or athwart, bridge, intersect
Traverse Adjective Synonyms: examine, look into, scrutinize, inspect, investigate, review, study, look at, consider, contemplate, scan, look over, check, survey, reconnoitre, observe
Traverse Noun Synonyms: cross, criss-cross, travel or pass or move over or through, walk, cover, travel (over), roam, wander, range, tramp, tour

Rapid Traverse

Business / Machine Shop / Rapid Traverse: A lever-controlled, power-operated feature of some machines that permits the rapid movement of the worktable from one position to another. MORE


Technology / Programming / Requirement: A requirement is part of a concept that describes the behavior of an abstraction. Requirements tend to be syntactic (e.g., all input iterators have a dereference operation), semantic (e.g., one can tr MORE

Conceptual Abstraction

Technology / Programming / Conceptual Abstraction: The ability for people to create different points of view on a design, depending on the relevant degree of detail. Through stepwise refinement, one traverses multiple levels of abstraction. Similarly, MORE