Two-Lip End Mill

Business / Machine Shop / Two-Lip End Mill: An end-milling cutter designed with teeth that cut to the center so that it may be used to feed into the work like a drill.

Other Words for End

End Verb Synonyms: kill, put to death, annihilate, exterminate, terminate, extinguish, destroy, ruin
End Adjective Synonyms: extremity, extreme, extent, bound, boundary, tip, limit, terminus
End Noun Synonyms: close, termination, conclusion, cessation, expiration, finish, completion, finale, ending, wind-up, denouement or d‚nouement

Other Words for Mill

Mill Noun Synonyms: plant, factory, works, workshop, shop, foundry
Mill Verb Synonyms: grinder, quern, crusher, roller

Millibar (Mb)

Science / Weather / Millibar (Mb): The standard unit of measurement for atmospheric pressure used by the National Weather Service. One millibar is equivalent to 100 newtons per square meter. Standard surface pressure is 1,013.2 milliba MORE


Health / Vitamins / Milligram: One thousandth of a gram. MORE


Technology / Home Audio / Milliamps: A unit of measurement of electric current equal to 1/1000th of an ampere. The milliampere is the most common unit used when measuring quiescent current drain in consumer audio electronics. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Milli: Prefix used in the SI system meaning 'one thousandth of'. For example 1 ml means 'one thousandth of a liter'; 1 mg means 'one thousandth of a gram'. MORE

Millers Burgundy

Life Style / Wine Grapes / Millers Burgundy: Alias name for the Pinot Meunier grape of France where grown in Australia. Also has synonym names of Schwarzriesling and Black Riesling. Is a Pinot Noir clone widely grown for use in Champagne-style s MORE

Millers Gin

Entertainment / Liquor / Millers Gin: Clear appearance. Sweet floral and citrus aromas have an herbaceous, juniper edge. MORE