Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS)

Business / Machine Shop / Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS): The maximum tensile stress a material placed in tension can bear without breaking.

Other Words for Strength

Strength Noun Synonyms: concentration, concentratedness, intensity, potency
Strength Adjective Synonyms: power, might, force, mightiness, robustness, toughness, stoutness, sturdiness, brawn, brawniness, muscle, sinew

Other Words for Ultimate

Ultimate Noun Synonyms: final, last, terminating, terminal, end, eventual, conclusive, concluding, decisive, deciding
Ultimate Adjective Synonyms: elemental, basic, fundamental, underlying, primary, essential, final

Strength Of Current

Science / Tides and Currents / Strength Of Current: Phase of tidal current in which the speed is a maximum; also the speed at this time. Beginning with slack before flood in the period of a reversing tidal current (or minimum before flood in a rotary c MORE


Health / Fitness / Strength: Amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert against resistance. MORE

Shear Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Shear Strength: The characteristic of a material to resist shear forces. MORE

Strength Training

Health / Fitness / Strength Training: Process of exercising a muscle using resistance weight training to increase muscular strenght. MORE

Tensile Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Tensile Strength: The resistance to breaking exhibited by a material when subjected to a pulling stress. Measured in lb/in?? or kPa. MORE

Yield Strength

Business / Machine Shop / Yield Strength: The stress at the uppermost point on the straight-line portion of the stressstrain curve. Stress imposed on the sample below this level produces no permanent lengthening and stress can vary from zero MORE