30-Day Notice

Business / Real Estate / 30-Day Notice: Notice to vacate a premises under a periodic tenancy. Notice must be for the rent period, but not more than 30 days.

Other Words for Notice

Notice Noun Synonyms: note, take or make note (of), take notice (of), pay or give attention to, attend (to), heed, take heed (of), give heed to, mark, remark, mind, observe, perceive, see
Notice Verb Synonyms: attention, awareness, consciousness, perception, observation, cognizance

Notice Of Nonresponsibility

Business / Real Estate / Notice Of Nonresponsibility: A legal notice designed to relieve a property owner of responsibility for the cost of improvements ordered by another person (such as a tenant). The owner usually gives notice that he or she will not MORE

Notice Of Deliquency

Business / Real Estate / Notice Of Deliquency: In junior financing, where the borrower gives the senior lender permission to notify the junior lender in the event of a default. MORE

Notice Of Default

Business / Real Estate / Notice Of Default: A notice to a defaulting party announcing that a default has occurred. The defaulting party is usually provided a grace period during which to cure the default. Notices of default are frequently provi MORE

Notice Of Right To Cancel

Business / Loan / Notice Of Right To Cancel: Under federal law, you may be permitted to cancel or 'rescind' a mortgage loan within a specified time, generally three days, after you have signed loan documents in a refinance, second mortgage or ot MORE

Notice Of Sale

Business / Finance / Notice Of Sale: A notice advertising a new issue of municipal securities and inviting underwriters to submit competitive bids. MORE

Three-Day Notice

Business / Real Estate / Three-Day Notice: Notice to quit, quit or cure, or quit or pay rent. Three-day notice must be given before an unlawful detainer action. MORE